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B i o g r a p h y

Lavalle is composed of a marriage group duo whose Hispanic backgrounds infuse their music with an eclectic song selection. Both Jonathan and Leslie Lavalle know that when it comes to music, only the very best can be given to God. Lavalle’s desire to lead others to God’s presence through worship, is evident in this ministry.

Having an ear for music at a young age, Jonathan Lavalle began expressing his passion for music early in his childhood. From karaoke in restaurants at age 6, to his first talent show in middle school in front of hundreds, he soon realized that entertainment was a very realistic goal. After attending his local church for a few months, he agreed to enter a talent show along friend and partner "Joc". This was the start of a dynamic duo that impacted South Florida in an incredible way. Not one weekend passed by that they didn't have an event booked for. After a few successful years together, they decided to part ways, each to their own individual goals. Jonathan then decided to release his solo album titled "Puerta Del Cielo". 


Born in Manhattan, New York, Miami native Leslie Lavalle grew to love the sound of music in her childhood. By the age of 16, she already commenced her ministry as the Worship leader for her local church at the time. Growing up as the daughters of Associate Pastors, her and her sister Angeline quickly understood the importance of Worship in and out of the church walls. Leslie so loved Worship, that after receiving her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, she went on to pursue her Master’s Degree in Worship studies from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. After years of waiting patiently while gaining experience as well as education, her marriage on August 4th of 2012 triggered a spark to aggressively go after what once was her dream.


"No Limits" is the album Lavalle was released on March 2014. This production includes genres such as salsa, balads, bachata, rock and even hip-hop. Lavalle plans on breaking the barriers of  "traditional" gospel music. This is an album without limits in genres or languages to serve a God with "No Limits".


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